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Reserved Seat

WIZZ Reserved Seat including priority boarding

the service

Wizz Air introduces WIZZ Reserved Seat to further improve your travel comfort!

Purchase this service to experience smoother and less stressful boarding with

  • a guaranteed seat located in the first 3 rows of the aircraft to avoid the hassle of finding a place and have a more relaxed journey!

And additionally get priority boarding to cut the waiting time before boarding and the possibility to be amongst the first to exit the plane.

how to purchase WIZZ Reserved Seat


1: Add Wizz Reserved Seat during the booking process after filling out your personal details
2: If you did not purchase Wizz Reserved Seat at the time of booking your flights it is possible to add it at a later stage using the add service option on

Via Call Centre:
3: Alternatively you can also add it by calling the Call Centre.

At the airport:
4: The service can also be purchased at the airport, on the day of departure. A higher fee will be charged.

You will receive a sticker on your boarding pass indicating to staff at the boarding gate that you have purchased WIZZ Reserved Seat.

The price of this service can be different by route. In case of routing change the fee difference (if any) will be also charged. In case of change to lower fee route, difference will not be refunded.

To view the price of this service, click here.


The WIZZ Reserved Seat does not mean seat assignment, so can be taken on a “First come, first served” basis. In case of having onboard passenger(s) requiring special assitance the window seats in row 1 will be allocated to them and their companion(s) free of charge.

For safety reasons, passengers listed below are NOT eligible to be seated the Reserved Seat in row 1:

Passengers under 18 years old
Overweight passengers
Pregnant passengers
Passengers travelling with infants (under 2 years old)

To use this service passengers must meet the following criteria in case of the seats located in the 1st row:
Passengers must be at least 18 years old and have basic understanding of English language. They must be able bodied and able to open the exit in case of an emergency. The passenger must consider himself/herself fit to do so and will be briefed regarding the manual operation of the exit or he/she will be re-seated. The hand baggage will have to be stored in the over head locker during take off and landing.

The fee for this service is non refundable, even if the passenger is unable to use the Reserved Seat for one of the above reasons.

We reserve the right to move any passengers which are considered unsuitable for Reserved Seats. In case of change in your booking, Wizz Air cannot guarantee that a Reserved Seat will be available on the new flight.