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Online behavioural advertising cookies

These cookies are used to tailor the advertising to each user. The purpose of these cookies is to work out what advertising might be most relevant to you based on the areas you look at on our sites and your IP address geo-location. These cookies are placed by third party advertising networks with our permission. For more information about online behavioural advertising cookies and opt-out controls, please go to:

Examples of online behavioural advertising cookies set for users

Identity of the supplierPurpose and explanation how the cookie is used
Adara MediaThe user profiles that are created by use of cookies enable Adara to show targeted ads. Those ads are highly relevant to the user given his/her recent search and booking behavior on
If a user visits for the first time and gives his consent to set this cookie, then a cookie is created in the user's browser. The cookie itself carriers no information other than a unique identifier (e.g. ABC12345) that allows Adara to recognize the user across the web. Because no personally identifiable information is collected, Adara is unable to associate the cookie with a particular individual's name, address or other personal information. Once Adara identifies a visitor on a 3rd party website Adara can show a relevant ad to this user.
AppnexusThe intended use of this tracking is behavioural targeting where the tracking reads “Segment Pixel” and performance tracking where the tracking code reads “Conversion Pixel”.
Name of the cookies: sess (expire session: 1 month), uuid2 (expire session: 3 months), anj. (expire session: 3 months) Opt-out choices:
GravityWizz Air can use these cookies on other sites to modify online adverts based on your browsing history. It enables the advertising provider to collect information about your visits to other websites, about the advertisements you have been shown and which ones you have clicked You can disable this service at:

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