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A sunny island with plenty of history and just as many beaches, Malta is the perfect choice for sun worshippers.

Why Visit Malta?

Malta enjoys a rich history and the honour of having what many consider the best climate on earth, with temperatures always being pleasantly warm. There’s also the fantastic nightlife of St. Julian’s, making it a top spot for those looking to party. Just off Malta is the island of Gozo, a slightly more tranquil destination but with just as much history and natural beauty.  

Essential Attractions in Malta

One of Malta’s leading attractions is its capital city of Valletta, a visually striking historical city that has been used a backdrop for many movies and TV shows. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city retains many of its historical buildings, including its city walls. The Megalithic Temples of Malta, also UNESCO-protected, are an essential site for history buffs.

Diving in Malta

Malta is one of Europe’s premier diving destinations. Whether you’re scuba diving, snorkelling, or just going for an ocean swim, the coastline of Malta is full of beautiful coral and sea life as well as aircraft, shipwrecks and caves to explore.