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Wizz Air Rejects false claims about its punctuality

Wizz Air today (25 March) rejected false claims published by some media about its punctuality on flights to Budapest from London Luton Airport: 

  • The Wizz Air route from London Luton to Budapest was launched in June 2004 and is currently served with up to four flights per day.
  • Flight W62206 was not launched on 1 June 2013 but in 1 April 2011.
  • Industry standards, applied by the CAA, define all flights departing within 15 mins of the scheduled departure time as on time while bounty hunters such as EU Claims mislead consumers by hiding this fact.
  • Even in the few cases where a flight takes of 15 minutes later than scheduled, consumers are mainly interested in arriving on time.
  • 73.22% of all 295 W62206 flights from London Luton to Budapest from 1 June 2013 to date departed on time, with 78,64% arriving on time in Budapest.
  • Wizz Air operates 28 routes from London Luton and its punctuality of 88% on all Luton flights in November 2013 compares to 87% punctuality of all airlines at the same airport.* 

Note to editors:

As per international standards applied by Civil Aviation Authorities, on time performance upon departure is measured as all flights departing within 15 minutes of  SDT are “on time”.

* Source and company information.