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€300 for the member number 300,000

London, 15 July 2013: Wizz Air, the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, has registered the 300,000th member of the WIZZ Discount Club. The program was introduced only 2 years ago in March 2011 and the number of members has been constantly growing ever since.

The WIZZ Discount Club was specifically designed for loyal customers who travel as a family/group or buy more than one Wizz Air ticket per year. The club membership (available on guarantees a discount of €10 on all one-way flights on Wizz Air when fares are higher than €12.50. Club members and up to 9 family members or friends travelling in the same party can achieve even more savings by being loyal and traveling on Wizz Air’s low fares more often. There is no limit to the number of discounted bookings.

To date, 300,000 Wizz customers have joined the WIZZ Discount Club and benefited from lower club fares. People from over 160 countries around the world signed up for membership which confirmed Wizz Air’s popularity far beyond its network reach. The WIZZ Discount Club is most popular amongst consumers in the UK and Poland followed by Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Italy and Germany.

The lucky member number 300.000, Stepan Romaniv joined the WIZZ Discount Club via Wizz Air’s state of the art iPhone application. Born and raised in the Ukraine he is now living and working in London. Wizz Air’s low fares and a direct flight to Kiev were the perfect combination for Stepan to go on the first flight in his life and fly home after 8 years abroad to visit his friends and relatives. Now he will be able to travel often as Wizz Air is crediting his membership account with EUR 300 that can be used for further ticket purchases.

Stepan Romaniv, was happy and excited: „This is the first flight in my life. Previously I always chose to travel by land as it seemed more affordable. Wizz Air’s low fares and the direct connection to Ukraine changed it for me.  A couple of years ago I would be very surprised if someone told me that living in the United Kingdom I could hop on a flight and go to see my parents almost every week-end, and with the WIZZ Discount Club membership the low fares are even lower. I am sure from now on I will prefer flying to timely land travel.”

„The WIZZ Discount Club is steadily gaining popularity in Europe and beyond offering very reasonable savings for frequent travelers. It is a perfect solution for families as one WIZZ Discount Club member can purchase up to 9 additional tickets on the same flight with a discount. We are happy to congratulate Stepan today and look forward to reaching new important milestones for our WIZZ Discount Club members in the future” – said Wizz Air’s Daniel de Carvalho.

Annual WIZZ Discount Club Membership is on sale at or can be purchased through the Call Center for EUR 29.99.