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Citibank Wizz Air World Mastercard® Credit Card

Citi Handlowy in partnership with Wizz Air is introducing a new product – the Citibank Wizz Air World MasterCard® credit card. Formed in partnership with the largest low fare – low cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, it is the first airline card of its type in Poland that offers Wizz Air services and air tickets at more favorable conditions. Additionally, the card provides all incentives that are usually offered for the holders of Citi Handlowy credit cards, plus guarantees discount in nearly 5000 commercial points across Poland.

Citibank Wizz Air World MasterCard® credit card offers one of the most attractive loyalty programs to its holders.

First of all, this is the only credit card in Poland that exempts flyers from the booking fee when purchasing a Wizz Air ticket. Secondly, all non-cash transactions made with the Citibank Wizz Air World MasterCard® credit card are rewarded with loyalty points. You will get 1 point for every 5 zlotys spent on any products. The same 5 zlotys spent on Wizz Air’s products (during shopping on the phone or over the Internet) entitles the travelers to earn 2 points.

You will receive 4 zlotys for every 100 hundred zlotys spent with the Citibank Wizz Air World MasterCard® credit card and 2 zlotys to buy Wizz Air’s products, services and tickets for each 100 zlotys spent at other commercial service points.

“In partnership with Wizz Air, we developed a unique product that is addressed to meet precisely the needs of many clients of ours. It is a perfect solution for those who often fly with Wizz Air, and we are speaking here about hundreds of thousands of Poles. Only in 2010, over 4 million Polish travelers chose this airline,” says Karol Wasilewski, Head of Product Offer Management and Development Unit – credit card. “Now, thanks to the new co-branded Citibank Wizz Air World MasterCard® credit card, the passengers will be able to travel more frequently, saving even several hundred zlotys per year on ticket purchases,” he adds.

“I am delighted that from now on air travel becomes even more accessible for both companies’ clients. The Wizz Citi cedit card will offer significant benefits to our passengers rewarding the loyalty of our frequent flyers and attracting new customers to try our services” - stated Attila Dankovics, Head of Marketing, Sales and Communications of Wizz Air.

For further details about the Citibank Wizz Air World MasterCard® credit card, please visit