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Информация за пътуването/Услуги на Wizz Air ITALY DISCOUNT CLUB Italy discount club


If you have an Italy Discount Club membership, you can enjoy the premium discounts during your membership:

€ 5 to € 10 on ticket fares

from 14.99 to 19.99 eur get 5 eur discount, above 19.99 get 10 eur discount.
priority boarding icon_WDDC

€ 2 on WIZZ Priority


Membership types

You can choose the following type of membership:


Стандартно членство

Предимства за члена и един придружаващ


19,99 евро/година
Групово членство

Предимства за члена и до 5 придружаващи


34,99 евро/година
Please note

The actual Italy Discount Club member must be included in the same booking for his/her companion(s) to also receive the membership benefits.

Calculate your savings!

Sounds good to you? Here’s how to get Italy Discount Club Membership

New membership

  1. Select your flight(s) for your reservation.
  2. Add the annual Italy Discount Club Membership to your booking (click the “Purchase membership” button).
  3. Fill in the contact details.
  4. Finish the booking by completing payment for the reservation and for the membership.
  5. Your Italy Discount Club Membership is active for one year calculated from the day of the purchase.
  6. Make sure you log in to your profile with your email address and password for future bookings to enjoy Italy Discount Club discounts.

If you are already a member you can upgrade to a Group Membership at any time during the validity of your membership by paying the difference in the membership fees.

However, a membership upgrade does not extend the term of your membership.

Most important details to know on Italy Discount Club membership

  • Promotional rates are offered for a limited number of seats on specific routes. For the latest updates, check out our homepage. Sign up for the WIZZ newsletter and join the Italy Discount Club to make the most of deals and promotions.
  • When booking your flight in a different currency, the amounts you save may vary due to fluctuation in exchange rates.
  • Italy Discount Club ticket fares and online WIZZ Priority fees are applicable to accompanying passengers only when the Italy Discount Club member is also a passenger in the same booking.
  • The actual fare prices are subject to availability, the Italy Discount Club discount will be always deducted from the actual (normal) ticket fare.
  • Ticket and WIZZ Priority fee discounts cannot be applied to bookings made before the purchase of the membership.
  • The membership is valid for 12 (twelve) calendar months commencing on the day of the acceptance of Your application. Italy Discount Club is a yearly membership. Please note that the membership fee is not refundable in case of termination of the membership.
  • For more information, please read the Terms and conditions of Italy Discount Club