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Terms and conditions for selling Wizz Air Services

Concluded between

Wizz Air Hungary Limited (hereinafter referred to as Wizz Air)

BUD International Airport Building 221, H-1185 Budapest; registered in Hungary under registration number: Cg. 01-09-964332, represented by József Váradi, CEO


travel agency registered through the website of Wizz Air (hereinafter referred to as Consignee)

I. Definitions

Booking engine

Internet-based booking engine, operated by Wizz Air.

Call Centre

Reservation and Information centre operated by Wizz Air.

Conditions of Contract

Provisions set out in the Itinerary and in the General Conditions of Carriage of Wizz Air.

Gross Fare

Price of the carriage including fees, taxes and charges.


Document issued to Passengers that contains the passenger's name and the flight details such as the place of departure, the place of destination and the agreed stopping place if any, departure and arrival times; and setting out the Conditions of Contract and other important notices.

On-line registration

Registration of Consignee and selling agencies; meaning supplying data through the website of Wizz Air ( according to the instructions given. Confirmation of registration will be sent via e-mail by Wizz Air, including ID number and password.


The person named in the itinerary/receipt issued upon payment of the applicable fare.

Selling agency/registered agency:

- those agencies run by the Consignee that accept the provisions of the present agreement by registering through the website of Wizz Air.

- Branches and premises of registered travel agency, partners of Consignee carrying out the activity of the Consignee and entitled to use the name of Consignee; appointed by the Consignee to sell Wizz Air Services. Consignee has to inform Wizz Air of appointment in writing or via e-mail.

Special services

Carriage of bulky baggage and services provided for passengers requiring special care.

II. Period of validity

Agreement between the Consignee and Wizz Air enters into force on the day of confirmation of registration for an indefinite period.

III. Scope of agreement

Consignee will sell services performed by Wizz Air, i.e. Consignee will conclude contracts between passenger and Wizz Air for carriage by air, in accordance with applicable laws and international treaties and the General Conditions of Carriage of Wizz Air. Booking transactions shall be made through the booking engine opearted on the website of Wizz Air or through the Call Centre.

IV. Obligations of Wizz Air

Wizz Air will publish its applicable fares and conditions of carriage on its website (

Wizz Air will inform Consignee of every amendment of its Conditions of Contarct and of its General Conditions of Carriage via email. Wizz Air will make such amendments available on its website.

Wizz Air will handle and settle all claims and complaints relating to its services within 21 days from receipt. Wizz Air will inform passengers of all kind of flight disruptions.

V. Obligations of the Consignee

1. Consignee shall act with regard to Wizz Air’s interests, according to the apllicable laws, instructions and General Conditions of Carriage of Wizz Air.

2. Based on this contract, Consignee is entitled to conclude contract for carriage by Air on behalf of Wizz Air, according to the General Conditions of Carriage of Wizz Air, applying the fare provided by Wizz Air. Consignee must not deflect from or amend such conditions.

3. Consignee shall furnish information to passengers or persons wishing to use Wizz Air services that contract for carraiage by air is concluded between the passenger and Wizz Air.

4. Consignee shall acquire and keep data required for identifying passengers. Consignee shall be responsible for regular filling out of documents and for handling documents according to Wizz Air’s General Conditions of Carriage and also for the lawfulness of data processing.

5. Consignee shall not employ contributor without prior consent of Wizz Air.

6. Consignee shall handle all trade secrets it has become aware of confidentially and according to applicable laws and Wizz Air’s General Conditions of Carriage. These secrets may be used and furnished to third parties only for performance of this contract and with written consent of Wizz Air or persons concerned, if necessary; except as otherwise provided by law. Furthermore, Consignee shall ensure that its selling agencies and employees or consignees teherof comply with the provisions of this paragraph and that these latter ensure that all those who may become aware of trade secrets comply with the provisions of this paragraph.

7. Consignee shall be responsible for booking seats, ordering special services and for payment of fare to Wizz Air.

8. Consignee shall furnish all information to passenger or to the person paying for the carriage regarding Wizz Air’s conditions of carriage, and shall inform them that all claims and complaints related to Wizz Air services shall be submitted to Wizz Air Customer Relations Department:

Customer Service

fax: 36 1 777 9444

mailing address: Wizz Air Hungary Kft.

BUD International Airport Building 221, H-1185 Budapest

9. Consignee shall hand over the itinerary provided by Wizz Air to the passenger or to the person paying for the carriage. Instead of itinerary provided by Wizz Air, Consignee may hand over an itinerary prepared by it based on the original itinerary. Should the Consignee hand out an itinerary prepared by it, the itinerary shall contain the confirmation code provided by Wizz Air and all information relating to carriage by air (such as: date of travel, place of departure and destination, time of departure and arrival) and the conditions of contract. If an itinerary prepared by the Consignee is provided, the Consignee shall be liable for the correctness of information contained therein. Consignee declares that if Wizz Air is obliged to fulfil payment for third parties due to misinformation contained in the itinerary prepared by the Consignee, it will take responsibility for such payments; and it will enter into proceedings if Wizz Air is cited to court or to any other authorities.

If the information set out in the itinerary prepared by the Consignee is incorrect due to the incorrectness or incompleteness of the information provided by Wizz Air, Wizz Air will be responsible for all relating claims.

10. Consignee shall provide its contacts (email address, mailing address, fax number and phone number) and a direct phone number to passenger in the reservation made by it. Wizz Air will inform all passengers of schedule changes and flight cancellations.

11. Consignee declares that it will serve all clients during its opening hours.

12. Contracting Parties declare that they are registered companies. Contracting Parties declare that they are not undergoing any bankruptcy or liquidation process and they do not need any authorisation from any third party or authority for concluding this contract.

13. Consignee is entitled to advertise Wizz Air with prior consent of Wizz only. In application of this paragraph, oral information given to clients for increasing Wizz Air’s reputation wihtout using Wizz Air’s logo or image is not deemed to be advertising. Consignee is entitled to use Wizz Air’s logo strictly within the scope of this agreement.

Advertising requests requiring prior consent of Wizz Air shall be sent to Authorisation of indication of Wizz Air logos and trademarks are the exclusive right of Wizz Air. Such requests may be denied without explanation. The use of Wizz Air’s name shall not result in injury to business reputation of Wizz Air neither directly nor indirectly. Therefore, Consignee shall refrain from declarations, acts, advertisement and publication of media releases that may injure Wizz Air’s reputation or may be liable to give ground to misinterpretation according to Wizz Air’s judgement. Consignee notes that it shall discard application of references and images identifiable with Wizz Air forthwith upon termination of this contract.

Consignee must not call itself „General Sales Agent” and other denominations (such as but not limited to Airline Ticket Office) that may suggest that Consignee is an office of Wizz Air or agency owned by Wizz Air Group.

14. Wizz Air is entitled to continuously monitor the performance of the present contract, including on-the-spot controls. Wizz Air is entitled to claim regular and extraordinary reports.

15. Consignee shall pay the fare defined in the contract for carriage by air to Wizz Air after conclusion of each contract according to Article VI. of the present Agreement.

VI. Liability of the Contracting Parties

1. Contracting Parties shall act according to duty of care expectable from companies knowing and acting in airline industry and with full compliance with applicable laws.

2. Consignee declares that it is responsible for all damages occurring out of communication between passenger and the Consignee. Consignee is solely responsible for making refunds to passengers when it becomes necessary.

Consignee takes responsibility for prompt performance of its obligations and in compliance with applicable laws; and also for correctness and genuineness of information furnisehd to Wizz Air by it and to comply with Wizz Air’s directions.

3. Consignee shall reimburse all indemnity costs – proved by a record issued by Wizz Air – incurred due to its performance to Wizz Air.

VII. Remuneration and Accounting

Consignee is entitled to renumeration after sales performed by it as follows:

Fares defined by Wizz are published on the website of Wizz Air. Publication of fares deemed to be information to Consignee. Fares published on the website contain all taxes, fees and charges.

Consignee shall pay the fare to Wizz Air upon concluding the contract for carriage by air with passenger, through company card transaction made on Wizz Air’s website. With confirmation of the booking Wizz Air confirms the payment.

Payment to Wizz may also be made with the credit card of the passenger or of the person paying for the carriage. Wizz will put out the invoice to Consignee. Wizz Air publish the list of credit cards it accepts on its website.

Wizz Air will set out invoices for the Consignee of the fares and will send it to the address provided by the Consignee.

Consignee is entitled to remuneration for the services provided by it.

Remuneration is the difference between the fare defined by Wizz and that set out in the contract for selling carriage by Air concluded between the passenger and the Consignee.

Collecting remuneration shall not form part of the accounting procedure, collection shall always be performed as a separate transaction between the passenger and the Consignee.

Consignee is not entitled to any remuneraton additional to that defined hereabove.

Should the passenger be entitled to a refund according to Wizz Air’s General Conditions of Carriage, Wizz Air will refund the money to the bank account that was used for payment. Therefore, if payment was made by the Consignee’s credit or debit card, money will be refunded to Consignee. In this case the Consignee shall arrange payment to passenger or to the person paying for the carriage.

The list of passengers entitled to refund will be furnished by Aizz Air to the Consignee.

VIII. Termination of the Agreement

This Agreement may be terminated by:

a. ordinary denuntiation
b. extraordinary denuntiation
c. mutual consent.

In case of ordinary denuntiation, prior written notice of 15 days is required. In case of repeated, serious breach of contract, the Agreement may be terminated with immediate effect by the other Party.

In case of serious breach of contract by either of the Parties, the other Party shall send a written warning to the other Party setting out the consequences of failure of terminating the breach of contract within 8 days.

Should the Party in breach fail to terminate the breach of contract within the time aforesaid, the other Party will have the right for denuntiation with immediate effect (extraordinary denuntiation).

Contracting Parties shall square up with each other within 15 days from termination of the contract.

Should the Agreement terminate for whatever reason, the access of the Consignee or its selling agency to Wizz Air’s booking engine via Sky Agent will also be terminated.

IX. Liability and exoneration

Wizz Air holds Consignee harmless from all liabilities arising out of services provided by Wizz Air, except when damage is caused by the Consignee, the employees of the Consignee and persons acting on behalf of the Consignee or if damage occurs due to the negligent or wrongful acts or ommissions of theirs.

Consignee Will inform Wizz Air of such claims, which Wizz Air will handle according to point IV.2 of the present Agreement.

Consignee declares that it is responsible towards Wizz Air for damages caused by negligent or wrongful act or ommission and breach of contract by the Consignee, the employees of the Consignee and persons acting on behalf of the Consignee, except when damage or loss was caused by Wizz Air or the employees of Wizz Air.

X. Final provisions

1. Consignee agrees that Wizz Air may publish its name and address on its website as a registered agency where booking on Wizz Air is available, upon registration.

2. The logo of the Consignee may be published on Wizz Air’s website by prior, written consent of the Consignee.

3. Consignee agrees that Wizz Air may send it electronic mails containing Wizz Air news and information, after registration of Consignee.

4. Hungarian law, in particular the Hungarian Civil Code is applicable to the present Agreement and to all matters not contained in the present Agreement.

5. Disputes arising out of the present contract shall be primarily settled through discussions between the Contracting Parties. Contracting Parties declare exclusive jurisdiction of Central District Court of Pest (Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság) or Court of the Capital City (Fõvárosi Bíróság) - depending on the disputed value.

Contracting Parties sign this contract as consistent with their intentions.

Budapest, 7 th July, 2004

József Váradi