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Введите ваше имя пользователя (адрес электронной почты). Мы высылаем новый пароль на ваш зарегистрированный адрес электронной почты.


WIZZ Account

Click here to start a booking from your WIZZ Account!

What is the WIZZ Account?

The WIZZ Account is a flexible and efficient vehicle for customers to keep a money balance with Wizz Air and use the balance on their account for booking services on Wizz Air. Customers using the WIZZ Account can always track their money loading (payments) to the account, the booking of services made, keep up-to-date their personal information and benefits from other features. Wizz Air is continuously working on developing new customer benefits for the registered customers with WIZZ Account.

How to open your WIZZ Account?

If you are registered with wizzair.com, the WIZZ Account is automatically opened for you with 0 balance.

Not registered yet?

You can register here, or contact the Call Centre.

For details please read the conditions.

How to load money into the WIZZ Account?

WIZZ Accounts can be refilled through the WIZZ Account Refill service (described below) or by converting points earned on the Wizz bank cards (like the Wizz Erste joint bank card in Hungary).

WIZZ Account Refill

WIZZ Account refill is a mechanism for depositing money on your WIZZ Account and it is specially targeted to frequent flyers. You can use your balance to book any seat or ancillary service with Wizz Air - including promotional seats.If you have previously credited a cash amount to your WIZZ Account which has expired, please write a claim through our claim form to have the expired balance reinstated.

After registering with wizzair.com you receive the 10 digit WIZZ Account number.

To load money into your WIZZ Account please call our Call Centre

Minimum amount we accept in one refill transaction: 300 EUR or equivalent in other currencies.

What are the advantages of WIZZ Account?

  • combinable: the balance on the WIZZ Account can be used for booking promotional seats thus combining discounts
  • refillable: you can refill your WIZZ Account at any time
  • fully usable: if the remaining amount is not sufficient to book a seat, you can pay the difference by using a credit card
  • comfortable: booking and payment from your credit and checking your balance can all be done via wizzair.com and through our Call Centre (online refill will be available soon)