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Enjoy more space!

Do you prefer more space around you? Are you fed up with fighting for the armrest? Then all you have to do is purchase the  Wizz Xtra Space  service which guarantees that nobody is sitting next to you. It’s as simple as a click! You also get the Wizz Xpress priority boarding together with this service

Buy  Wizz Xtra Space online, via the call centre, at the airport or onboard and enjoy the benefits:

  • You will be seated in the front half of the cabin in a row where a middle seat is left empty next to you for your comfort.
  • Wizz Xpress Priority Boarding is also included in the services that you get when purchasing Wizz Xtra Space. This will enable you to be amongst the first to board the plane.

By purchasing Wizz Xtra Space you will be seated in the rows in front of the emergency exit rows. Purchasing Wizz Xtra Space cannot guarantee you will be provided with your preferred choice of seat as some seats may have already been pre- occupied.

In case you would like to sit in the front two rows purchase our Wizz Reserved Seat product. Should you need more legroom and would like to sit in the emergency exit rows please select the Wizz XXLong extra legroom product.

The purchase of  Wizz Xtra Space  will be visible on your boarding card. This will indicate to the staff at the boarding gate that you have paid for Wizz Xtra Space in addition to being recorded in the booking system.



  • 1) Add  Wizz Xtra Space  during the booking process after filling out your personal details
  • 2) If you decide not to purchase  Wizz Xtra Space  at the time of booking your flight it is a simple procedure to add it at a later stage using the add service option on

  • Via our Call Centre:

  • 3) Alternatively you can also add it by calling the Call Centre.

  • At the airport:

  • 4) The service can also be purchased at the airport, on the day of departure. Although at this point a slightly higher fee will be charged.

  • Onboard:

  • 5) As a last chance you can check the availability of this service with one of our crew members onboard. A slightly higher fee will be charged.

To view the price of this service, click here.


Wizz Xtra Space is available on certain Wizz flights only.

Please note that you must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight in order to benefit from the priority boarding.

The Wizz Xtra Space is non-refundable.

Wizz Xtra Space is a service that guarantees an empty middle seat next to you. It does not mean allocated seating or a selected seat at the aisle or at the window.

The empty middle seat shall be kept unused unless the passengers sitting in the same row agree otherwise. Wizz Air only guarantees that no passenger will be seated on the empty middle seat.

Wizz Air reserves the right to allocate the passengers to their final seat after taking-off in case of accelerated boarding due to operational matters or if passengers who purchased this service do not enter the aircraft as part of the priority boarding process.